Foot and Leg Refreshing Patches "Kyusoku Jikan" (18 Sheets)

Foot and Leg Refreshing Patches "Kyusoku Jikan" (18 Sheets)

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Release Date : 2005/02/01

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Kyusoku Jikan is a treat and refreshment for legs and feet that have endured a full days worth of work. With the application of the gel sheet to the area of focus, calves, ankles or under your feet, you can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing time. Perfect after bathing and before sleeping or for sports and those times you have to stand all day at work. This is a brand that nurtures and heals your legs and feet. 

Product Introduction

  • After putting your feet and legs to work all day, pamper them with some blissful relaxation!
  • Apply the cooling gel sheet to refresh and cool down your feet or legs after a bath or before going to bed.
  • Great for after being on your feet all day, doing sports, or wearing high heels.
  • In the heat of vaporization of moisture contained plenty in sheet, firmly cooling your feet
  • It is stretchy good gel sheet incorporating plenty of moisture. By (high water gel PAC-55) water heat of vaporization and soft component ""menthol"" in the in the sheet, and sustained high cooling effect.
  • Gentle on the skin, it is difficult to come off perfect until the morning
  • Attach them, such as after the standing work and sports to the site you want to clean, such as ""calf"", ""ankle"", ""the soles of the feet"", and cool refreshing the foot of a working day.
  • High relaxing effect five herbs (lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon, orange) the ingredients

Materials / Ingredients

  • Lavender oil, sage oil, rosemary oil, lemon oil, orange oil (perfume), polysorbate 81, l- menthol, parabens, edetate salt blend


  • Do not use around the eyes, mucous membranes, and please do not use in an area of ​​skin abnormality such as eczema, wound.
  • after use or during use, when an abnormality appeared to redness, itching skin, immediately discontinue use, to bring products, please consult your doctor.
  • for quality retention, the unused portion is put in a bag, and folded neatly double the opening hole, so please sheet is not exposed to the outside air.
  • If you wear shoes while put a sheet, that it may gel adheres to the shoes and socks, please note.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature location, please keep in a cool place if possible.
  • When you want to use in young children, the original guardian of monitoring, please enough attention.

※ This product is not a drug. Is a sheet to cool by using the heat of vaporization of water.

※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

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Must have item. I work as a nurse, this is very helpful and effective. For travelling is very good too.

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